Donations & Fundraising

The funds raised from the Fighting Eagle Memorial Tournament will contribute to Dr. Greg Wells’ cancer research as well to making the lives of the patients better. Exercise is known to contribute to positive outcomes during and following cancer treatment. While hospital-based exercise interventions tend have the greatest benefit, mixed results have been found for home-based programs due to lower adherence and overall intensities achieved during exercise. Geographical limitations to accessing SickKids for many childhood cancer patients make this an unrealistic means of program delivery. A unique program intended to provide delivery through interactive gaming and mobile app technology to deliver exercise interventions at home in a form that maximizes interest, adherence, and motivation during exercise is under development. X-box Kinect will be used as the main form of program delivery. A pilot study will be created using X-box Kinect to determine whether this form of exercise intervention is superior to traditional home-based exercise interventions and, its overall feasibility for rehabilitation in the childhood cancer population.

We feel Dr. Greg Wells and his research is a wonderful match for the Fighting Eagle Memorial Tournament.

For more information on Dr. Greg Wells and his research efforts, please visit,

There are three ways to support The Fighting Eagle Tournament: 

1) Make a general donation.

2) Sponsor a player participating in the tournament. 

3) Create a personal fundraising page and send the link out to friends and family to ask for their support. Select ‘Participant Login’ and log in with your existing username and password.

You will receive a thank you message and a tax receipt  by email. Please provide your contact and payment information. The contact information is required to generate a tax receipt. The electronic tax receipt will be sent to the email address that you provide. 


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