Sponsorship & Donations

While Alex’s spot on the team’s bench can never really be filled, the Fighting Eagle Tournament is a way to remember Alex and his love of hockey and his friends, as well as raising funds to support SickKids.

The funds raised will go to support SickKids Foundation, Dr. Gerstle’s research and the new SickKids campus.

This year we wanted to honour one of Alex’s favourite doctors. Dr. Gerstle was a critical member of Alex’s team of specialists, involved with a critical lung surgery, Dr. Gerstle was always hopeful, supportive, gentle and kind in his approach. Alex wanted to be a ‘normal’ kid, even in the ICU, and always wanted his hat on to hide his missing hair. Right after the operation, Dr. Gerstle made sure that Alex was not only healthy, but also wearing his hat. Small gestures like this have a huge impact on patients as they recover.

Dr. Gerstle’s research is to develop effective therapy for removing tumours, in particular high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is an incisionless method of destroying or “removing” tumours without invasive surgery or alternatives, such as radiation, which are associated with toxicities and other complications. The overall goal of the research program is to improve the effectiveness and safety of HIFU for neuroblastoma and other paediatric solid tumours, and determine if HIFU alone, or in combination with other treatments, can be used as an effective therapy while minimizing treatment-related toxicities.

Support the tournament by making a general donation to the tournament, sponsoring a player or by being a tournament sponsor.

Matching Gift programs: Many employers have matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. If your company has a policy you can:

1) Send your employer your personal fundraising link and request for their matching gift to be made online. This donation will automatically be attributed to your fundraising total.


2) Ask your employer to write a cheque made payable to SickKids Foundation and bring it with you to the Fighting Eagle Tournament along with your pledge form. Please note, the gift will only be attributed to your fundraising total once you have entered the donation under ‘Manage Cash and Cheques’ on your online fundraising profile and funds have been received by Fighting Eagle Tournament.


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