Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Decisions by the Referee are final. There will be no arguing of calls by spectators, players or coaches. Arguing calls by either side will result in a penalty shot being awarded to the other team on the first offence and the coach/player may be disqualified from the game because of a second offence. Calls may be questioned only by a team captain, who is the sole representative of the team. Penalties awarded because of excessive arguing are made at the sole discretion of the Referee. These policies shall be strictly enforced.


Each team can have a minimum of 9 players (8 players, 1 goalie) and a maximum of 13 (12 players, 1 goalie)

  • Individuals will be placed onto teams based on information provided at the time of registration. Organizers will make every effort to place individuals on teams with those mentioned on registration form, but make no guarantees.
  • All games will be played 4-on-4, not including the goaltender. A team may play without a goaltender, if it chooses to do so, at any time during the match.


  • Games and halves will begin with a face-off.
  • Shifts are 60 seconds in duration.
  • Once the buzzer sounds to signal the end of a shift, all 4 players should skate back to their bench area as fast as possible. The next shift cannot enter the ice until all 4 players are 3-4 strides away from the bench.
  • Note: If a player leaves the bench too early, they will be warned. The next infraction result in a penalty shot.
  • When the puck is covered by the goaltender, the defending team gets possession of the puck behind their net. The other team must give the team with the puck 3 meters of space to make a play. The team with possession is allowed 5 seconds to put the puck in play.
  • After a goal is scored there is no face off. The team that gets scored on gets possession and may execute play immediately. They also must execute play (i.e. cross the center line) within 10 seconds. If they fail to do so, the other team may encroach aggressively.
  • If a player touches the puck while his/her team has too many players on the ice, a penalty shot will be awarded.
  • Off-sides will be whistled. The offending player must release control of the puck.
  • Teams will NOT change ends between periods.


  • Teams will be given a 3 minute warm-up before each game.
  • A 10 minute forfeit allowance will be enforced.
  • Games will be two even time periods with running time.
  • Icings are not called in games.
  • Two line passes are not called.
  • A mercy rule will be in effect if one team leads the other by a 10 goal margin at any point during the second half of the game.
  • Each team is allowed one 30 second time out per game.

Body Contact and Penalties

  • There is no intentional body checking allowed.
  • There shall be no inappropriate slashing, hooking, tripping, crosschecking, high-sticking of any kind. Doing so shall result in a penalty shot for the other team. More serious offences shall result in a player being immediately removed from the game or the tournament.
  • Any player that gets penalized 3 times for minor penalties during one game may be disqualified from participating for the remainder of the game. Any player who receives a major penalty may be subject to ejection for the remainder of the game.
  • The result of all penalties is a penalty shot awarded to the other team. Penalty shots are taken immediately after an infraction and are taken with the puck being placed at center ice according to breakaway type format.
  • During penalty shots on penalties, all remaining players line up on far blue line and can chase player on penalty shot.
  • For penalty shots, the puck is dead after the shot or at the conclusion of forward progress. Possession is always given to the defending team regardless of the outcome of the shot. After the shot, the puck is immediately live to the defending team.

Player/Coach Expectations

  • The Fighting Eagle Tournament expects that players will be rotated in a fair manner. Let us not forget the spirit of this tournament. Should there be lack of fair shift allocation; coaches may be disqualified for the remainder of the game.
  • Players are not to exceed scoring more than 3 goals per period per player. We operate on the honor system but expect coaches to monitor this.


  • If a game reaches the time limit in a tie, the teams will go into a shootout to determine the winner.
  • Each team will nominate 3 players from their own team to participate in the shootout. Each of these shooters will be given one breakaway on the opposing goaltender. The team with the most goals at the end of the shootout will be declared the winner.
  • If the score remains tied after the initial shootout round, the shootout will move to sudden death format. Any player can be the shooter at this time. Sudden death shootout rounds continue until a winner is declared.


  • Each team is guaranteed four games.
  • Points from games will be allocated as follows:
    • WIN in regulation time – 3 Points
    • Shootout win – 2 Points
    • Shoot out loss – 1 Point
    • LOSS – 0 Points

Tie Breakers

Ties in standings will be resolved as follows:
1. The winner of the game between the two tied teams, or

2. If that game ended in a tie, or the the teams did not play each other, the team with the better record of goals for and against (goals for divided by goals against, with the higher percentage winning), or

3. If there remains a tie, the team that scores the first goal in the game between the two tied teams.

4. In the event of a tie among three (or more) teams, group standing will be determined by the best record of goals for vs goals against, as per (2) above, and if a tie still exists, then the provisions of section (1) and (3) above, in that order, will be applied.

5. If all of the above result in a continuing tie, the standing will be resolved by the flip of a coin. These rules will be applicable to all relevant placings.


  • Goaltenders should bring their own goaltender equipment.
  • Full gear is required for all players.
  • Neck guards must be worn. Mouth guards are worn at the discretion of the player.

Other Rules

  • The posted, printed schedule at the rink will be considered as final.

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