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TSN’s video profile on Alex, The Fighting Eagle

Registration for the 2015 Fighting Eagle Tournament is now open!!

We need 25 more players to fill the spots for 10 teams. So forward to any 2001/02 players!

Please note the goalie positions are full at this time.

Dates: June 20 – 21, 2015

Location: George Bell Arena.

We are expanding the number of teams, including another age group (2001 & 2002), have more games and of course, food. All this translates into more fun for everyone!

Take a look and see how great the tournament was last year. We know you’ll want to come back or join in this year.

Come for a weekend of fun, community spirit, fund-raising and remembering Alex and his love of hockey.

Play ’til the whistle blows!

Bill, Cheryl, Charlie and the Organizing CommitteePrint

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