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TSN’s video profile on Alex, The Fighting Eagle

All we can say is, WOW!! What a truly unbelievable weekend. So many memories and friends made, and $41,000 was raised, 137% of our goal!

There were so many people that made this weekend a success, from the volunteers, to the players, parents sponsors, supporters  and special guests. Thank you, thank you to each and everyone of you.

After all the games played, Team Black ended up as the this year’s winners. So bragging rights, to Team Black until next year. Huge congrats to all the players for some great and entertaining hockey!

A tournament highlight video is posted to the Photos and Videos section. We’ll be posting some pictures soon so check back. And finally, we will be in planning mode for the 2016 tournament so we hope to see you all (and more) at this time in 2016!

Play ’til the whistle blows!

Bill, Cheryl, Charlie and the Organizing CommitteePrint

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