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TSN’s video profile on Alex, The Fighting Eagle

The 6th annual Alex Shapiro Fighting Eagle Tournament will be on Saturday June 22, 2019 and returns to George Bell Arena.

A new one day format promises the same amazing hockey experience and community spirit that the tournament always brings but makes it a little easier on busy schedules.

The tournament is open to all 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 players. Each player is guaranteed a minimum of three games and the price of registration will be $100 per player.

Register now, tell your friends and spread the word!

Come be a part of an unbelievable weekend of hockey, community spirit, fundraising and most of all, in memory of Alex.

Let’s work together to meet our goal of $30,000 to support SickKids Hospital and honour Alex’s memory. This year we are supporting SickKids Cancer Sequencing Program. In 2016, SickKids established the Kids Cancer Sequencing Program (KiCS), which uses their genetic expertise to improve outcomes for kids with relapsed or hard-to-treat cancers. SickKids analyses the genetic make-up of a child’s cancer and creates specific treatment options customized to a patient’s cancer. Early results show that over 50% of those children with hard-to-treat cancers will have a change in their diagnosis or treatment. Partnering with other hospitals across Canada, they then match all the sequencing information gathered by SickKids with potentially life-saving drugs. With the support of our donors, SickKids can continue to offer improved treatments and new hope to patients and their families who are in desperate need of better options.

Your generosity and contributions will make a difference to SickKids and their patients.

Come play, or support a player or support the tournament with a sponsorship.

Play ’til the whistle blows!

Bill, Cheryl, Charlie and the Organizing Committee

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